Robot – Vedgdbol

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180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve –  Includes download card

Track listing
1. There’s a Crack in my Bell
2. Anybody Else (But You)
3. Blood Sister
4. Bobby Pin
5. Being Double
6. Eugene’s Palace
7. Mousetrap
8. Talking to Myself
9. Metamorphosis
10. Evil
11. Seasick
12. The Age of the End



Less than a year after the first album, Robot is already back with a new record, titled Vedgdbol. Whereas the debut, 33.(3), was a meticulous study in finely tuned songwriting, its follow-up is an untamed beast revved up on rock ‘n’ roll blood – less prim and more primal. This time, studio wizard Robbie Moore programmed his Robot to churn out as many musical sketches as possible over the course of a weekend. He then shared the resulting seeds with an all-star band assembled in his studio, Impression Recordings, who brought them to life. The results ripened into Vedgdbol, a fiery blast of twelve hook-filled nuggets, with a few instrumental detours.

Before moving to Berlin, Moore was living in London where he worked with numerous acts such as Florence + The Machine and Babyshambles. In 2015, he founded Impression as a studio and record label, and this year so far, since the release of 33.(3) in January, he has produced and recorded with an array of artists such as L.A. Salami (Domino), Jesper Munk (Warner), Lary (Universal) and Namika (Sony).

Moore’s artistic momentum has now snowballed into the second Robot offering, created over the course of one moment. Whereas on the previous LP Moore played all of the instruments himself, for Vedgdbol he wanted the recordings to be as spontaneous as the writing process. To achieve this, he recruited a supergroup of Berlin-based fugitives: guitarist Knox Chandler (Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Marianne Faithful), bassist Taylor Savvy (Gonzales, Bonaparte), drummer Micha Fromme (Pretty Mery K) and radio darling Joel Sarakula on keys.

Side A of Vedgdbol pulls you into the party with three manic slices of garage pop. In between “There’s a Crack in my Bell” and “Blood Sister” is the album’s lead single, “Anybody Else But You”, in which Robot is still trying to master the art of communication: “I got some words in my brain / but they don’t know what to say.” After this psychedelic sock-hop, Robot shows his sweet and symphonic side on “Bobby Pin” and “Being Double”, a duet with Berliner chanteuse Iris Romen.

After a jaunt to “Eugene’s Palace”, Robot lands in the murky moat of “Mousetrap”, in which he channels his inner dead rock star. “Talking to Myself” is something Tarantino would select for the chase sequence in his Jetsons reboot, and from there ricochets through the airwaves until landing on “Evil” – actually one of the album’s most wholesome moments. “Seasick”, however, is properly dark and stormy, featuring a 13- piece choir in what you might call an existential shanty: “Fill the hole with a tear / too cold to cry it”.

By the time we reach “The Age of the End”, it feels like Robot’s self-awareness is driving him bonkers, his overcooked programming finally turning him into a Vedgdbol. The only solution is seemingly to hit reset – the LP is coaxing you to flip it over, so it can take you for another spin.

Vedgdbol is not your garden-variety, space-age salad – this is sonic superfood for the soul.

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