1st Impression – Unrefined Beats and Basslines
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1st Impression – Unrefined Beats and Basslines


Impression Recordings presents 10 original, royalty-free 60/70’s style drum groove multitracks with basslines and percussion!
Written and recorded LIVE and ALIVE in the studio with Micha Fromme on Drums, Robbie Moore on Bass – Engineered and delivered by Sam Vine.


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WAVs recorded at 48K – Immediate download of:

  • 10 drum patterns with basslines, percussion + variations/fills etc.
  • 11 mic setup on drums including stereo room mics + mono character room mic.
  • Amp + DI tracks for bass.
  • Killer percussion tracks for each pattern.. you won’t believe how groovy they are!
  • Spring reverb track through our all-valve Accuverb (only 100 ever made!)
  • Drums + Drums/Bass/Percussion stereo mixdowns, once through our Empirical Labs Distressors and once through our late 60s Studer B62 tape machine.

Recorded using 60s Rogers Holiday drumset, 60s Ludwig 400 + Jazz Festival snares, vintage Paiste and Zildjian cymbals, 1963 Hofner Senator bass guitar, Re-run valve amp head with 70s Dynacord 18″ bass cabinet.

These tracks deliver the sound and feel that usually only crate digging through old breaks can provide – authentic, original, unrefined beats and basslines without the copyright anxiety and demanding editing!

Each pattern was played live for approx. 3 minutes, and there are countless variations, fills, licks, charming goofs, and moments of glistening badass-ness ready to be turned into your next dancefloor masterpiece… We have presented each pattern in an unedited format, to encourage as much creative interpretation of the performances as possible!

Perfect for bedroom producers, songwriters, old school hip hop heads and anyone who prefers their drums dirty with a human “off the grid” feel, especially those who are allergic to the stiff and sterile sounds provided by most modern DAW drum programming options.

All tracks were recorded to a click, to allow easy integration with your sessions.. but performed as though they weren’t!
Processed tastefully with equipment by Neve, SSL, Pultec, Empirical Labs, Electrodyne, Studer and Thermionic Culture.


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